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Personal Experiences

I use the computer all day at my job. After work I usually go straight home and don’t ever exercise. I’ve found that lately I have decreased sexual function, and sex has become very short. My desire has cooled down, and the feelings I used to have for my wife are not there like they used to be. I took some drugs to help, but they didn’t really help. When I was online I found “Eros-Max” and decided to give it a try. It said it could improve male sexual potency, in order to make up for lost time, I ordered two courses of treatment products. After about five days, I began to feel the strong sexual desire that I used to have. My wife was happy, and so we started feeling more harmonious as a couple. After more time there was much less stress in our house and more feelings of love. Thank you "Eros Max" for giving me back my self-confidence and love life.

Mr. Zhang Damin :: 40-year-old :: Computer Engineer

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Personal Experiences

I’ve been really busy with work, and have spent many hours on the road. I’m sure my wife feels neglected although she never says it. I’m really excited to get home and be affectionate with my wife. I really want to make her really happy, but I needed some help. I looked online and found “Eros-Max” and was hoping it could help me with the performance I wanted, and it did! I had more hardness and longer duration. Now I can say with confidence that my wife and I are very happy. I would like to thank "Eros-Max” for helping me when I needed it most.

Mr. Satikle :: 37-year-old :: Private Owner

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Men's Health - Eros Max®
Count: 30 Capsules
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Eros Max®

The New Male Sexual Support Formula

Modern society has contributed to a stressful lifestyle due to work pressure, poor health, mood troubles, smoking, aging and other reasons. This lifestyle can lead to a decline in the body's natural secretion of sex hormones and result in a decline in libido and sexual performance for many people. EROS-MAX from Confidence USA, Inc. has created the latest formula for natural male sexual support.

Originally, EROS-MAX was the first product on the market to use natural plant preparations to support adrenal gland function and the blood supply to the genital area. In 2007, Confidence USA, Inc. developed a patented frozen high purification extraction technology to create a 95% purified Epimedium Extract that can significantly support strong sexual performance.

Comparison Between EROS-MAX & Viagra



  • Uses chemical agents to stimulate the heart. Has serious side-effects, some even life-threatening
  • Uses the purest plant extract to support adrenal gland function. Has no side-effects, safe for everyone to use
  • Creates dependency and resistance
  • Supports a strong libido with no dependence or drug-resistance
  • Need to take 45 minutes before sex
  • Taking 2 capsules per day can work for 24 hours
  • Low efficacy, no return policy
  • High efficacy rate, if no results, money-back guarantee

EROS-MAX Mechanism of Action

Step 1: Support a strong libido

EROS-MAX helps men to support the normal amount of testosterone (sex hormone) their body secretes, helping middle-aged and older men maintain their natural testosterone level.

Step 2: Support Sexual Stamina

EROS-MAX supports the body's adrenal glands to promote blood supply to the male genitalia area to support erectile function.

Step 3: Support Sexual Pleasure

EROS-MAX can support the normal release of brains substances called endorphins that help to promote mood balance and support sexual pleasure.

Main Efficacies & Ingredients of Eros-Max:

• Epimedium Extract:
Contains large amounts of constituents that can promote the normal dilation of blood vessels in the genitals to support sexual function and stamina.

[Click here to learn more about "Epimedium"]

• Yohimbe Bark Extract:
Contains yohimbine that supports the normal dilation of blood vessels to support blood flow and the formation of nitrous oxide. It is currently the most widely used natural plant extract to support erectile function.

• Dehydroepiandrosterone:
Supports the secretion of growth hormone to support muscle strength, sexual performance and energy.

• L-Arginine:
Supports the normal synthesis of nitric oxide, a vasodilation agent that supports blood flow.

• L-Tyrosine:
Is a neurotransmitter derived from meat protein to support brain and nervous system function.

• Zinc:
Zinc is an essential mineral required for the function of many biological process including those that control sexual function.

  1. Product Benefits
  2. Supplement Facts
  3. Suggested Use
  • Supports a strong libido
  • Supports erectile and sexual function
  • Supports the secretion of testosterone
  • Supports adrenal gland function to support optimal blood supply to the male genitalia

Eros Max is manufactured by Confidence USA, Inc., an FDA registered manufacturer.

USA Free Sale Certificate Number: CF-6688G

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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