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  1. Brazil Green™ - Bee Propolis Capsules

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    Brazil Green™ - Bee Propolis Capsules is a 100% natural pure Brazilian Bee Propolis extract that contains up to 400% more active ingredients than other bee propolis products on the market. Research has shown that Brazilian Bee Propolis is the most highly desired and concentrated variety of bee propolis due to the local climate and vegetation. When taken regularly, Brazilian Bee Propolis may support immunity, cellular proliferation, detoxification and anti-aging.

  2. Brazil Green™ - Bee Propolis Liquid

    $39.99 As low as: $29.99

    Brazil Green™ - Bee Propolis Liquid contains Brazilian Green Bee Propolis Extract and Granular Bee Propolis Resin which are higher in flavonoids than many other bee propolis products on the market. Brazilian Green Bee Propolis is a highly desired variety of bee propolis having a higher concentration which is a result of favorable local climate and vegetation conditions. When taken regularly, Brazilian Green Bee Propolis may help immunity, cellular proliferation, detoxification and anti-aging.

  3. Hydrolyzed Collagen Plus

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    Hydrolyzed Collagen Plus contains high quality pure collagen composed of protein and amino acids that help support skin, hair, nails, bone and joint health. The collagen is hydrolyzed (broken down into smaller peptides) providing lower molecular weight peptides and amino acids to maximize absorption and bioavailability.

  4. OPC-6

    Special Promotion: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

    Multi-Functional OPC-6 is the new generation antioxidant developed based on traditional OPC-3 antioxidant products to help you enhance the protection of various body organs against aging. The active ingredients are 4 times as effective as OPC-3 with the latest three antioxidant materials: Cranberry Extract with anthocyanins, Lycopene and Resveratrol from French Red Wine Extract, increasing the overall antioxidant activity of the OPC -3 by 10-fold. In addition, all OPC products on the market today will have at least 2 grams of sugar in every 3 gram dose (66% of the total). OPC-6 has Luo Han Guo to replace general sugar but is still healthy and delicious. One bottle of OPC-6 has 150 grams, take one teaspoon (3 grams) per day with water or juice if you prefer. Long-term use will help you achieve good anti-aging effects.

  5. Brazil Red™ - Bee Propolis Capsules

    Special Promotion: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

    Help immunity, cellular proliferation, detoxification, and anti-aging.

  6. Brazil Red™ - Bee Propolis Liquid : Buy 1 Box, Get 1 Bottle Bee Propolis Capsules FREE!


    Help immunity, cellular proliferation, detoxification, and anti-aging.

  7. Pure-90

    Special Promotion: Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 Bottle FREE!

    Pure-90 is the purest, most highly concentrated fish oil product available with no impurities, or toxic pollutants. Just one softgel contains 900mg of EPA and DHA which has been shown to promote good cardiovascular health by supporting healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within a healthy range. EPA and DHA can also help promote good skin health, joint health, brain health and enhance mood. Pure-90 is potency tested and guaranteed!

  8. Eros-Max

    $45.00 As low as: $38.57

    EROS-MAX was the first product on the market to use natural plant preparations to support adrenal gland function and the blood supply to the genital area. In 2007, Confidence USA, Inc. developed a patented frozen high purification extraction technology to create a 95% purified Epimedium Extract that can significantly support strong sexual performance.

  9. Dr. Brain

    Special Promotion: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

    A Natural Formula for Supporting Brain Function. Dr. Brain provides an optimal balance of natural ingredients including Huperzine A from Huperzia serrata Extract, Phosphatidylserine and Ginkgo Biloba Extract that support the normal formation and function of acetylcholine in the brain and promote normal blood flow which may be beneficial to healthy brain function.

  10. Gold Medal Placenta Max

    $30.00 As low as: $24.00

    Gold Medal Placenta Max from Confidence USA, Inc. is made of fresh, pollution-free placenta substance that is rich in nutrients, growth factors and bio-active cytokines. It is based on these bio-essentials that new life is developed. Scientific studies found that placenta contains high level of proteins that support normal cell growth, normal hormone secretion and support overall immune health.

  11. American Ginseng Complex

    $31.99 As low as: $20.00

    American Ginseng, similar to Panax Ginseng, is a potent source of ginsenosides and flavonoids that help support vitality and well-being. American Ginseng is thought to be the most potent ginseng and was used by Native Americans as a stimulant and to treat various ailments.

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13 Item(s)

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